Argan Oil Uses for Skin

Argan Oil Uses for Skin

There are many Argan oil uses for skin. Argan oil is a valuable ingredient in the cosmetic field, though it is also widely popular in food preparation processes. The kernel nut, obtained from the Argania Spinosa (the Scientific name for the Argan Tree family), contains high levels of vitamin E, and its properties are beneficial particularly to hair and skin. Berber women have employed the use of Argan oil for decades, both for its antioxidant and hydrating properties.

European women have also discovered the value of Argan oil uses for skin, and beauty therapists and skin experts have recognized its legitimacy. The oil is often referred to as “liquid gold” due to its variety of benefits.

Keep reading for information on Argan oil uses for skin, and how it can be applied.

Benefits of Argan Oil for the Skin

Argan oil is made up of a number of chemical compounds, which are: polyphenoles, antioxidants, fatty acids (80%), carotenoids and other similar substances. The primary benefits are seen when it is applied to hair or skin, as previously mentioned.

1. The oil helps in the progressive smoothing-out of wrinkles, cracks and crow’s feet, which are often a result of aging or poor skin care. The effects of Pura D’or Argan oil for the skin can be noticed shortly after its application, and it really makes a difference.

2. The hydrating properties of Argan oil allow it to soften and freshen dry skin, more than popular creams found at cosmetic stores. Remember that this is a totally natural way to treat skin problems.

3. Argan oil uses for skin are hugely beneficial to strengthening the protein bonding structures in the skin. The skin will retain its elasticity and will look rejuvenated after a few applications.

4. Some may find that synthetic skin-care products can result in rashes or skin irritation. This is avoidable by applying Argan oil instead, which helps to heal any marks or nicks caused by scratching.

5. Argan oil uses for skin help regulate the secretion of oil and wax by the skin, which are naturally produced by tiny glands called sebum. Argan oil will keep these secretion to a manageable level.

Argan Oil Uses for Skin

Argan Oil Uses for Skin


A good brand of pure and organic Argan oil is Pura D’or. It is ideal for cosmetic purposes since its seeds are lightly toasted. You can apply Pura D’or as follows:

Face: Just apply a few drops on the whole area, usually at night. It will easily be absorbed into the skin, leaving the face fresh and moisturized. Unlike creams, Pura D’or leaves no feeling of an oily or greasy skin.

Nails: It is also possible to apply Pura D’or to nails, often by mixing it with lemon juice. An equal mixture of lemon juice and oil will suffice to keep nails healthy. It will help strengthen the nails and soften the cuticles.

Just make sure to apply the oil regularly and, in some cases, leave it overnight for the best possible effects. Pura D’or will never feel greasy or oily, as it absorbs into the skin easily by rubbing gently for a few minutes.

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